Creative power is the generative force moving in and around all of us.

Without it none of us would exist. Without it nothing would be generated. Good or bad, new or old, revolutionary or refreshed.

Creative agency is everyone’s inheritance. If you removed all the ideas, labels, and limitations you’ve learned you’d see that creative agency is your very essence.

Many people believe that creativity is something reserved for artists, geniuses, or “really deep” people. But the truth is.. Anyone can tap into their creative potential in novel and useful ways.

It may come as no surprise that it’s the creative force itself that is used to power ideas like, “I’m not very creative”, or “Geez, I could never do anything that incredible.” As you’ll soon see, ideas are like vessels and creative force is like the water that fills the vessel. When an idea has your creative juices in it.. It becomes charged with the power to create.

Let’s look at some definitions about creativity.

CREATE – “to bring something into existence”. Also, “to make, bring forth, produce, procreate, beget, cause”

An inspiring idea is to consider that every person has their own, special genius. Genius is not about I.Q. scores. Genius is another great word to define as we explore your creative ability.

GENIUS – “generative power” from the root word GENE– “give birth, beget”.

Apples have the ability to beget apples. You have the ability to beget you but in far more elegant ways than mere fruit trees. Your active ideas, deeds, projects, work, and play… yes, even playfulness is the fruit of your inner genius. Unique to who you are, what you know and decide is the “type” or “kind” of forces you generate. Yes, generate and genius have the same root word.

If you feel intimidated thinking of yourself as a genius in your own right, then perhaps you’ll recognize you are most definitely a generator. Your creative power is to generate more of what is within you. Your creative faculty also enables you to modify the patterns (type and kind of expressions) waiting to express from within you.

Once you accept that you are a creator, it’s easier to discover new ways of using that power. If it has been a challenge to be creative the following information should help loosen up your creative muscles and make them stronger than ever.

One of the greatest ways to increase your creative prowess is to experiment with new ways of observing things. Your self. Your ideas. Your environment. Your opportunities. Your entire experience is subject to your creative observation.

3 Key Actions

  • Change it up…..  a novel way to get your creative juices flowing, is to simply take the time to do something different. It doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job or running off to an unfamiliar land. It can be as simple as taking a new route to the same destination. It could be listening to or for something different in the way people speak with you or on TV or listening to a different kind of music. When you do something new, you enhance your awareness and access new sensations, ideas, and possibilities.


  • Sloooow down….. and notice details that regularly escape your attention. Play around by looking at something you see all the time. Be patient and ask what details are there that you’ve never noticed before.

For example, the color of something in your room, or the texture of something outside. As if you were peering into it, beyond your normal ideas and labels. It’s easy to settle on quick answers and miss the secrets that have always been before your eyes. You may notice a patch of the wall is not merely “white” but upon closer observation you may see that that 3 centimeter patch of wall is a gradient of color that give the impression of white. Looking at a metal surface outside you may find it to be “smooth” and upon closer inspection find that it has a brushed surface with many microscopic striations or barely noticeable divots. Developing this skill is like becoming a detective of the mundane looking for clues into the hidden nature of things. This works with actions as well as items. Ideas and people, characteristics, opportunities, etc. Just take a regular thing and focus in on one part of it. You’ll be amazed at what you find that nobody else ever seems to notice.


Creative shifts like this help you to be more present in your experience and not just cruise on auto-pilot. As you build this skill, you train your mind to open up and your brain to focus at another level. When you’re mindful of what you’re doing, you see things in a different light and your creative genius gets a fresh look on life.


  • Take note…. Go to a park, coffee shop, library or someplace you’re free to sit for awhile. If you like people watching this can be loads of fun. Or alternatively, you can choose someplace that is very chill and not too busy. Wherever you choose to be bring a pen and notepad and take voracious notes on anything you observe. This creative activity is most rewarding when you let your “critical mind” rest and don’t try to think about the rules of what you write down. The goal is to observe and write as quickly as you notice. Combined with your growing skill of looking deeper you’ll catch details you may find surprising when you read your notes later. A good rule of thumb is to WRITE WHATEVER COMES INTO YOUR HEAD. Don’t worry if it’s improper, spelled correctly, taboo, weird, crazy or otherwise. Just let your observations translate directly to paper. Free-writing as rapid as possible for about 15 minutes for a few weeks is practically guaranteed to increase your I.Q. That’s not the goal of creativity, but it sure doesn’t hurt!


Giving your creative genius license to play is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Too often people sail through life missing the details that make up reality. A deeper understanding about the things that interest you and are around you fuels your ability to be more creative. Whether you want to ask better questions for philosophy, build greater artworks with different materials or discover other business opportunities, improve your relationships or social standing … tapping into your inner genius is a sure fire way to experience your most creative self.


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